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RevBio is seeking the help of at least 15 orthopaedic surgeons to validate the design of TETRANITE Bone Adhesive for Extremity Fracture Fixation. Surgeons will be asked to participate in a hands-on cadaver lab using Tetranite to fixate a variety of extremity fractures based on their area of specialty or preference. The following fracture types will be covered under this study: Proximal humerus, distal radius, distal femur, proximal tibia, and calcaneus fractures.

TETRANITE has a unique Mechanism of Action. The components in Tetranite react within minutes to yield a uniquely adhesive composite system. After hardening, Tetranite is bioengineered to withstand tensile and shear bond stresses as high as 3 MPa, similar to the strength of human cancellous bone. The Tetranite scaffold is osteoconductive and bioactive, leading to the eventual replacement of Tetranite with new bone. Over time, load bearing responsibility is transferred to the new tissue such that mechanical integrity is maintained.

RevBio has designed a unique formulation to treat intra-articular and extra-articular metaphyseal and epiphyseal fractures as an augment to metal hardware fixation. Pre-clinical studies have shown that TETRANITE has the ability to:

  • Fill gaps in bone and support bone fragments during the surgical procedure through its adhesive bond strength to bone
  • Enhance stabilization of fixation and reduce interfragmentary movement by increasing stiffness
  • Reduce stress shielding through load sharing of the metal hardware and Tetranite scaffold adhered to bone interface surfaces
  • Facilitate and promote bone formation and regeneration

ABOUT THE USER HANDLING TRIAL The aim of this User Handling Trial is to culminate this research in a peer-reviewed publication and participating surgeons would be acknowledged for their contributions. A list of our recent publications can be accessed here.

During the session, surgeons will be asked to complete an online survey to rate their experience with TETRANITE and provide critical feedback to our product marketing and engineering teams. In addition to one hour of product training, surgeons can expect to use TETRANITE to fixate fractures for approximately three hours. Compensation for your time and travel will be provided by RevBio.

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